Big Lagoon, Pensacola


• Painted on location
• Oil on panel
• Available with 3 frame options, or without a frame
• Price in USD


I am pleased to announce 3 plein air frame options. Your artwork deserves a unique fine art picture frame that is affordable and well made and has just the right look. You need a picture frame that will increase the appeal and value of your art. Choose from the options below at checkout. Of course, if you wish to frame the painting yourself, that is also perfectly fine. Just choose no frame at check out.


Here is some additional information about this painting.


Original oil painting on panel.

This painting was painted en plein air on location. The inspiration is taken from specific moment and was not touched again in the studio. After the paint has dried it’s then varnished with Gamvar varnish for archival purposes.

Additional information

Dimensions11 × 14 in

28 reviews for Big Lagoon, Pensacola

  1. markjameslucas.artist

    #pleinair #studio #pochade #art #impresssionism #postimpressionism #painting #oilpainting #landscapepainting #pleinairpainting #pleinairmag #plein_air_life #instaart #beautiful #pensacola #florida

  2. pn_artwork

    The energy in your brushstrokes is incredible & inspiring 🏻

  3. markjameslucas.artist

    @pn_artwork thanks so much

  4. gina.compagno

    Ohh this is outstanding

  5. markjameslucas.artist

    @gina.compagno ahh thanks Gina!

  6. stevensternfinearts


  7. markjameslucas.artist

    @stevensternfinearts thanks so much!

  8. atelierderita


  9. markjameslucas.artist

    @ritak_arts thanks Rita

  10. barbhillierart


  11. markjameslucas.artist

    @barbhillierart thanks Barb!

  12. stephfitfoodie

    This is beautiful!

  13. derekwlucas

    Really like this one!!

  14. markjameslucas.artist

    @derekwlucas thanks broski

  15. markjameslucas.artist

    @stephfitfoodie thanks steph

  16. hierodeacon_donat

    So beautiful!

  17. mirieitansadeh_art

  18. juliedockery13


  19. the.bauers

    Wow Mark!!!

  20. imagine.janice

    Great composition!

  21. aksrvt

  22. heartlovesart

  23. jeff.mark

    That’s a beauty!!

  24. markjameslucas.artist

    @jeff.mark thanks Jeff!

  25. sequoia.sage

    Wow Mark! You are just pumpin out the beauties! Can’t wait to see yours at Cafe Talia on Salt Spring Island!

  26. sequoia.sage

  27. markjameslucas.artist

    @sequoia.sage thanks! Lemme know how the show is

  28. sequoia.sage


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